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September 16, 2010

Automotive students doing some impressive work


A trio of Cowley College automotive students have been doing some impressive things in their manual transmission course according to automotive instructor Jim Ailey.

Cowley students Rick Valcin, Adam Carr, and Coty Deets were able to remove a front-wheel drive vehicle’s engine and transaxles assembly in about six hours. For a trained technician labor time is 14 hours.

“I am extremely proud of my automotive students, these three are attentive and will go far in the field they study,” Ailey said.

Valcin is an international student from the Caribbean islands, here on a track scholarship. He is a second semester student, who grew up working in his brother’s body shop.

Carr is a freshman that spends his extra time in a diesel shop back home in Seneca, Kansas.

“He is a great asset to our program and I look forward to see all he can accomplish here at Cowley,” Ailey said.

Deets is a second-generation automotive student that spends his time on the racetrack when he is not is class. He is a second year student from Burden.

All three students are enrolled in the 8-10:50 a.m. manual transmission course.