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September 17, 2010

Read my lips, it was another entertaining evening of Puttin' on the Hits


Still going strong! Twenty one years after the first Puttin’ on the Hits and the event continues to fill the Robert Brown Theatre and keep the audience entertained throughout. Thursday night was no different as 15 acts took part in the event.

puttin on the hits

The annual lip-sync contest raised money for Cowley College’s Act One Drama Club. Scott MacLaughlin, Director of Theatre and Theatrical Services, once again served as emcee for the event. Judges were, Teressa Swope-Hatfield, Libby Palmer, and Marty O’Sullivan.

"It's such a great time," MacLaughlin said. "It takes a lot of time and work to put together, but I love doing the show and feel it really brings the campus together."

Jordan Lukert (Annie) won the first place prize of $50 in the small group category, and members of Act One were awarded $50 and the first place prize for the large group category.

Shaelynn French, Jade Sparks, and Whitney Means teamed to finish second in the small group category, while the Tigerettes finished second in the large group category.

Several Cowley College staff and faculty also teamed up to provide entertaining performances, including Scott MacLaughlin and his family.

"Everyone had a blast performing and a great time putting their acts together," MacLaughlin said. "Our kids loved it."

During brief intermissions, audience members played a Cowley version of “Name That Tune” for cash prizes.

"I appreciate the groups, sponsors, and coaches with helping make the evening a success, "MacLaughlin said. "We hope to continue doing it for years to come."

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