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September 23, 2010


Cowley returns to the State Fair in Hutchinson


state fairFor the first time in a decade, Cowley College returned to the Kansas State Fair to recruit new prospective students. 
"It was a great experience and I'm glad we decided to go back. We were able to visit with quite a few students over the 10 days and our whole staff did a great job." Ben Schears, Executive Director of Enrollment & Outreach said. 
The Kansas State Fair is hosted annually in Hutchinson and was held this year from September 10 - 19.  With attendance last year reportedly up 9%, there were several good reasons for the college to return to the fair. 
"There are very few venues in Kansas which regularly have 300,000+ attendance where we can visit with folks from all across the state." Schears said. 
Overall returning to the fair was a successful venture for the college as they collected a total of 113 prospect cards, visited with dozens of Cowley Alumni, and even sold a handful of cookbooks to raise scholarship money. 

Most notable were the efforts of Cowley employees Libby Palmer and Jody Arnett, who collected a whopping 46 cards on their day at the fair and handed out information to dozens more.
"We were fortunate to have Libby and Jody assist in our recruitment efforts and they staffed a day entirely by themselves,” Schears said.  "They did an awesome job of working the crowd. Consequently, it didn't hurt they happened to pick the high school Band Day to work the booth. I think next year we should make them honorary admissions reps and simply draft them for the entire 10 days." 

Employees who worked the booth were as follows: Andy Bohn, Lory West, Rikki Hettenbach, Elisha Swope, Rebecka Miller, Blayne Shaffer, Lacey Rowe, Libby Palmer, Jody Arnett, Ben Schears, and sophomore education major Rebekah Morrison, who was fulfilling volunteer hours for her psychology class.