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October 5, 2010

Registration underway for Business, Computer and Information Technology Day


The Business, Computer and Information Technology Day at Cowley College will take place Tuesday, Oct. 19 inside the Earle N. Wright Community Room, located on the Arkansas City campus.

The day will consist of an introduction of programs and degrees offered at Cowley College, fun competitions, a campus tour, and a lunch and awards ceremony.

Competition areas will consist of accounting, business administration, business administrative technology, entrepreneurship, cosmetology, criminal justice, graphic design, and leadership.

Here is what is to be expected in the competition areas:

  • Accounting - Students will look at an already prepared problem that includes journal entries, postings to the ledger, and a trial balance.  The job will be to find the errors and prepare a corrected trial balance.
  • Business Administration - Students will be given general information on a business.  The job will be to name the business, create a slogan and logo, and determine a mission statement and who the target market will be.
  • Business Administrative Technology - Office Skills Challenge: Keyboarding – Speed and Accuracy; Proofreading; MS Word – Create a flyer enhanced with a graphic, page border, and other special effects.
  • Cosmetology - Students will perform an UP DO on the mannequin provided. The cosmetology department will provide the mannequin and tri-pod, hair pins, styling and finishing products. Students will create their own design for an elegant UP DO. Students are allowed to bring their own hair accessories.
  • Criminal Justice - There will be competition in several events including deductive crime solving, self defense, and laser shooting activities to determine the Top Rookie.
  • Graphic Design Layout Design - Students will be given raw elements to edit and compose into a strong graphic presentation. There will be use of a computer lab and printer in order to produce the final composition.
  • Graphic Design Photo Editing - Participants will be given a digital photographic file to edit using Adobe Photoshop. There will be use of a computer lab and printer in order to produce the final output.