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October 7, 2010

Cowley College and Southwestern College sign new 2+2 agreement


Continuing its partnership with Southwestern College, Cowley College recently agreed to provide seamless educational opportunities for current and potential transfer students looking to acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer programming technology. 

The 2+2 agreement with Southwestern College will allow students the opportunity to earn either an Associate of Science in Computer Science (CS) or Associate of Arts in Computer Information Science (CIS) at Cowley before transferring to Southwestern College to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Computer Programming Technology.

Students with a computer information science (AA) degree or a computer science (AS) degree from Cowley will now easily be able to transfer these credits into Southwestern College Professional Studies and will only be required to complete the remaining Southwestern College upper level coursework for the computer programming technology (BS) degree.

According to Cowley College Natural Science Department instructor, David Hays, the Computer Science route at Cowley would allow the student to have more of a background in mathematics and science, thus opening up opportunities to program scientific/engineering applications. While, the CIS route would allow the person to program manufacturing/financial/customer service applications. 

“I am very pleased with the programming skills that Southwestern focuses on,” Hays said. “While some four year colleges are still focusing on technologies from 20 years ago, Southwestern has researched the skill sets the businesses are looking for and developed their program around this.”

Students transferring with an associate degree from Cowley College will not be required to take any further general education coursework if they have already completed English composition I and II as well as a college level math course. Students will only be required to complete coursework in their chosen major plus any additional coursework needed to reach a minimum of 60 hours of upper division course work. Students must have a minimum of 124 credit hours to graduate from Southwestern College.

Cowley College students may apply to Southwestern College Professional Studies’ program with as few as 30 semester hours of credit. Although programs only require a minimum of 30 earned hours before entrance, it is preferable that Cowley students enter with an associate degree from Cowley College. The Cowley College general education coursework completes the Southwestern College general education program requirements for Professional Studies learners.

For more information, contact David Hays at 620-441-5330.