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October 7, 2010

Cowley receives contributions to Deferred Maintenance Tax Credit Program


Bill Docking, Judy Docking, Shannon Massey, and Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAteeRaising funds for critical building repairs, while extending a generous tax credit, Cowley College recently received two significant contributions to the school’s Deferred Maintenance Tax Credit Program.

Bill Docking, CEO and Board Chairman of Union State Bank, and his wife, Judy, recently contributed $5,000 to Cowley’s Deferred Maintenance Tax Credit Program. While, Marvin and Anita McCorgary contributed $2,000 to the program. Both couples are long time supporters of Cowley College.

“The tax credit program is a great opportunity for contributors to receive a net 54% Kansas income tax credit while helping the College with repairs and projects that are not currently in the budget,” Shannon Massey, executive director of alumni and development said. “We are grateful for the Dockings and McCorgary’s and their generous contributions. Our campus is beautiful and these gifts will help us keep it that way.”

Docking studied the Kansas Tax Credit Program and found there was a significant reduction in the after tax cost of a contribution to the college.

“I found how effective of a mechanism it is for making a contribution to the college,” Docking said. “I encourage others to learn about the program and what it can mean for them.”

This is the third year of the program. Thanks to generous donations in the first two years of the program, the college was able to put in a new kitchen floor in the Patrick J. McAtee Dining Center, purchase new lab tables for the remodeled Physics Lab and put a new roof on the Brown Center.

While the college greatly appreciates being able to accomplish those repairs and upgrades, the school has much more to do on its beautiful campus. The college has several additional projects that need attention such as lighting, air conditioning needs, carpet and parking lot repairs.

Your gift to Cowley College will make these critical repairs and upgrades possible while providing you with a generous tax benefit.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Shannon Massey at 620-441-5319.

Pictured, from left, Bill Docking, Judy Docking, Shannon Massey, and Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee.