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November 11, 2010

Cowley employees celebrate school�s tremendous increase in enrollment


celebration With fall enrollment up 21 percent, Cowley College held a celebration for all full-time employees and their families Wednesday night in the Earle N. Wright Community Room.

In honor of being recognized by the Kansas Board of Regents as the fastest growing college in the state of Kansas, the school held a pig roast for its dedicated employees.

Former vice president of business services, Sid Regnier, first came up with the idea to have an annual celebration planned for the college’s employees and their families. While, former Cowley College administrator, Conrad Jimison, continued the tradition prior to his retirement in 2005.

After not having the event over the past several years, Charles McKown, vice president of research and technology, along with Slade Griffiths, vice president of academic affairs, presented the idea of a celebration to honor the school’s employees at a recent Administrative Council meeting.

“The idea was for an informal get together with the employees to thank them for their hard work,” McKown said. “We wanted to get back to the family atmosphere that we talk a lot about. After the struggles we had gone through with the loss of our Southside Education Center a few years back, to now being the fastest growing college in the state, we thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate with the employees and their families.”

Close to 150 people attended the event and were treated to an evening of food, fun, and fellowship. James Fry, ACES office manager, was in charge of cooking the pig.

Each employee in attendance was presented a gift from Cowley College president, Dr. Patrick J. McAtee. Entertainment was also provided during the dinner as the Right Room Comedy Troupe kept the audience laughing with their wonderful improvisational skits. McKown and director of communications, Adam Borth, serve as co-sponsors of the comedy troupe. Members of the Right Room Comedy Troupe are, Aaron Brooks, Shaelynn French, Rachel Curtiss, William Wegele, Dylan Muilenburg, and Octavio Matamoros.