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November 17, 2010

Children�s Theatre production entertains area school children


Hansel & Gretel

Performing in front of near capacity crowds, the Cowley College Children’s Theatre presented the play Hansel & Gretel Monday and Tuesday inside the Robert Brown Theatre.

The play was performed to a full house of elementary school children from USD470, Cedar Vale, Dexter, Ponca City, OK, Newkirk, OK, Central Burden, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Oxford, and Ark City Christian Academy on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. While, a public performance of the play was held Tuesday evening.

Scott MacLaughlin, director of theatre and theatrical services at Cowley College, loved having the area elementary schools attend the play.

“For many of the kids, this Children’s Show is the only time they get to see a real theatrical performance,” MacLaughlin said. “The reward for us is seeing all the smiles and hearing what they thought about the show. It is always a massive amount of work, but in the end seeing the children enjoy it is what makes all that work worth it.”

The student actors did a wonderful job of keeping the audience entertained and involved with the play. MacLaughlin also thought the play provided the actors an opportunity to create some great characters.

Student director, Jillian Turner, and stage manager, Jessica Hayden did a tremendous job leading the production. While, Jackson Curtright and Tim Kennedy did solid work in building the set under designer and technical director Jamison Rhoads.

The play, which tells the story of two young children (Hansel & Gretel) who get lost in the woods and stumble upon a house made of candy, that is owned by an evil witch, has a happy ending.

With the witch planning on making Hansel & Gretel into gingerbread cookies, the witch coaxes Gretel to the oven door and asks her to step in to see if the flames are high enough in the back of the oven. Gretel, sensing the witch's intent, says she does not understand what the witch means. Infuriated, the witch demonstrates by climbing in the oven, Gretel then slammed the door shut and moments later opened the oven door to reveal the witch as a gingerbread cookie. Hansel & Gretel are then reunited with their parents.

  • Members of the cast: Jimme Norman (Hansel), Rebecca Munoz (Gretel), Octavio Matamoros (Frederick), Jade Sparks (Susie), Tracey marr (Joanna), Anne Bloyer (Lydia), William Wegele (Frick), Dylan Muilenburg (Frack), Kalon Steinaway (Witch), Jilysa Daniel (Mother), Josh Scheuermann (Father), Eric Denning (Troll), Peter Onelio (Owl), Anne Harmon (Dew Princess), Amy Dunlap (Echo), Aaron Brooks (Sandman), Jordan Hill (Caspar), and Elizabeth Allee (Katrina).
    Construction Crew: Jackson Curtright, Rachel Curtiss, Rebecca Munoz, Tim Kennedy, Josh Scheuermann, Tracey Marr, Octavio Matamoros, Kalon Steinaway, and William Wegele.
  • Running Crew: Jackson Curtright, Jacob Guiot, and Tim Kennedy.
  • Costumes: Beth Pudden and Deborah Dickey.
  • Hair and make-up: Shaelynn French, Scarlett Davis, Cowley Cosmetology.
  • Lights: Jamison Rhoads and Rachel Curtiss.
  • Sound: Jamison Rhoads and Charlie Garrison.