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December 6, 2010

New course prepares students to write technical and professional documents for the workplace


Beginning with the Spring 2011 semester, Cowley College is offering a "Technical and Professional Writing" course. This course focuses on the type of information that an organization needs to ensure safe, effective, efficient and profitable operations. Regardless of a person's position in a company, the ability to effectively communicate to internal and external audiences has a significant and positive impact on a person's success in their career.

Students will learn the techniques that technical and professional communicators use to analyze an audience, determine the purpose of a document, organize information on a subject, arrange the information skillfully to meet the audiences' needs and preferences, and deliver the information effectively using the most appropriate application.

Students will practice writing internal reports, instruction material, grant proposal, web sites, and marketing brochures.

In addition to the standard course offering, Cowley College offers to customize this course to meet the specific needs of companies located in our service area. For a Technical and Professional Writing course tailored for your company's needs, email Beverly Grunder, Director of Business and Industry Training at

Technical and Professional Writing, ENG2233, is a 16-week online course. Diana Dicken, director of web services at Cowley College, developed this course based on an in-depth knowledge of Corporate and Marketing Communications that she gained during her 30-year career as a corporate and marketing communicator.

For more information or to enroll in the course, please contact 620-441-5303.