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December 7, 2010

Students do it all in �A Night of Scenes�


A Night of Scenes

Taking advantage of the opportunity to serve as directors and write their own scripts, Cowley College’s Act One Drama Club served as the sponsor for “A Night of Scenes” Monday in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Four student directors each picked a one-act show, cast participants for the roles, then produced and performed the shows.

“All of the plays were very well prepared,” Cowley College director of theatre and theatrical services, Scott MacLaughlin said. “The actors and directors did an outstanding job.”

The actors and audience were situated on the Robert Brown Theatre stage. About 100 chairs were placed on the stage to provide a unique theatrical experience.

Student directors were, Travis Spangler, Peter Onelio, Rachel Curtiss, and William Wegele. Along with directing the scenes, Onelio and Curtiss wrote their own scripts. Onelio’s scene was titled “Todesstoss”, and Curtiss’ was called “Gravity”.

Katie Henry wrote the scene to “Perfect Score”, which was directed by Spangler. While, Jonathon Rand wrote the scene for “Action News Now with 10% More Action”, which was directed by Wegele.

MacLaughlin and technical director Jamison Rhoads were on hand to support the student directors, but were quick to credit the students for the work that was done.

“Jamison and I had a backseat on this one, it was totally student driven,” MacLaughlin said.

Curtiss, Wegele, and Onelio also had acting parts as did Carly Brock, Jackson Curtright, Shaelynn French, Josh Scheuermann, Deborah Dickey, Eric Denning, Taylor Goldsmith, Robert Onelio, Jade Sparks, Bryce Sund, Jilysa Daniel, Octavio Matamoros, Anne Harmon, Jacob Guiot, and Elizabeth Allee.
A Night of Scenes
Upcoming events in the Robert Brown Theatre include, the Christmas Vespers Concert Sunday at 2 p.m., while, the acting class’s final will consist of presenting “Spoon River Anthology” Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 7 p.m.