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November 11, 2010


Pop-bottle rocket sets off speculation and conspiracy theories about an unexplained missile

The Mulvane Math and Science Club members have been busy. On Tuesday, in conjunction with the “We are out off this world!” theme, the group decided to do some pop-bottle rocket launching. When asked about a possible link of the Mulvane Math and Science Club pop bottle launch and the mysterious vapor trail seen of the California coast, Math and Science Club Communications officer Austin Howell (aka Spok) simply answered with "no comment at this time".  
The launch mechanism is made of PVC pipe and mounted to a launch pad. A portable compressor was used to pressurize the 2-liter bottle, half full of water, to about 40 psi. A release string was used to send the rocket flying.
Club members met in a classroom to do some pre-launch preparations and then walked to a nearby park to launch the rockets. Students working on the project were Mark Janzen, Jon Brooks, Michael Fox, Austin Howell and Rebecca Classen, all under the supervision of their fearless leader, Uwe Conrad. Later that day, the club sponsored its annual chili cook off. Several faculty members and “Mark’s Mom” brought pots of their best chili recipes. Students could purchase the “bottomless bowl” of chili for $1.50 and vote for their favorite. And, the winner is . . . . . .Uwe Conrad!