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January 19, 2012

National Student Loan Program representative pays visit to IMPACT program


IMPACT program speakerEducating students about financial matters, Myra Pfannenstiel, National Student Loan Program representative, spoke with students in Cowley College’s IMPACT program Tuesday in Arkansas City.

Pfannenstiel provided the students with information and resources to manage their money during school and throughout their lifetime. Pfannenstiel held a pair of one hour and 15 minute question and answer sessions for 60 students in the IMPACT program.

“I was really happy with the turnout,” Jason O’Toole, director of Student Support Services Grant/IMPACT said. “Myra did a good job of letting our students know how their budgeting choices can affect their future.”

All eligible students in the IMPACT program that completed the financial literacy workshop with Pfannenstiel, along with all of their other obligations throughout the semester, received checks for $571 as part of their additional Pell Grant funds.

“This served as an immediate opportunity for students to make good choices with their money and put it where they needed to,” O’Toole said.