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March 8, 2012

Student at Mulvane Center breaks records at Arnold Sports Festival


Michael FoxWhether he is achieving success in the classroom or in the area of powerlifting, Cowley College student Michael Fox strives for excellence.

Fox’s drive and determination have led to his being named to the All-Kansas Academic Team and compiling a 3.96 grade point average at Cowley. The Secondary Education/Physics major graduated from Douglass High School and chose to attend Cowley because he thought it was an inexpensive way to receive a great education.

At Cowley, Fox is a member of the Math and Science Club, Natural Science Advisory Council, Phi Theta Kappa, and is a work study tutor. He was named to the All Kansas Academic Team and is involved in the Cowley Weightlifting Club. His twin brother, Matt, is a student at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City, and is also involved in weightlifting.

Cynthia Jones, Cowley College’s Mulvane Center Coordinator, has enjoyed having Michael as a student at the Mulvane Center and says students respond well to his tutoring.

“Michael is a great example of the excellent results that can be achieved through perseverance,” Jones said. “I admire his dedication and self discipline to his personal goals in and out of the classroom.”

Michael became interested in weightlifting when he was 12 years old.

“My older brother James was always very strong and I wanted to be like him,” Fox said.

Fox began weightlifting competitions six years ago with the Bench Squat Clean. He started USA Powerlifting 11 months ago, which has the Bench Squat and Deadlift as well as mandatory drug testing.

At 5’3” and 121 pounds, he recently competed at the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sports Festival March 1-4 in Columbus, OH. While there, he finished first in the Best Overall Lightweight men 205 pounds and below category, was named the Best Junior competitor, and received the highest wilks points (463) in Kansas history. Wilks points is a formula used to compare weight classes to each other and women to men.

He also set two American records in the open division by bench pressing 281 pounds and squatting 396 pounds while competing at the 123 pound weight class. He also set four American records in the Junior division (281 bench, 424 deadlift, 396 squat, and a total of 1,102 pounds).

The success in weightlifting is nothing new to Fox as he was the best overall Junior lifter in high school and placed first in all seven of his light weight competitions at the national competition in Scranton, PA.

Fox plans to switch to the Olympic lifts with a goal of competing in the 2016 Olympics.

No matter how far he goes in the sport, Fox has learned valuable lessons through powerlifting.

“I love how supportive everyone is, it does not matter if I could lift 300, 200, or even 50 pounds, people cheer you on and want you to better yourself,” Fox said. “Having fun in this sport will always mean more to me than winning. Also I get to share a bond of training with my twin brother, Matt.”

Fox said he has received tremendous support from his family, friends, Douglass High School and Cowley College.

“My experience at Cowley has been awesome,” Fox said. “The teachers are very helpful. I know without them I wouldn’t have a 3.96 GPA.”

Fox is pictured doing a lock out of the 424 pound deadlift.