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March 12, 2012

Theatre/Music Departments out do themselves with musical comedy The Drowsy Chaperone


spring playKeeping the audience rolling with laughter, Cowley College’s Theatre and Music Departments performed The Drowsy Chaperone Thursday through Saturday in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Director of theatre and theatrical services, Scott MacLaughlin, and Connie Donatelli, vocal music director, worked hard to make the show a success. As did technical director of theatre Jamison Rhoads, instrumental music director Josh Fleig, and dance instructor Jennifer Blatchford.

The show, which was written by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison, won the Tony Award for Best Book and Best Score. However, MacLaughlin did not know how the audience would receive it until the opening performance on Thursday.

“It really came off better than we even anticipated,” MacLaughlin said. “The cast was awesome and the crew was incredible. Everyone bought into it and did the best job they could.”

The show was narrated by Jordan Hill, who played The Man in the Chair.

“He knocked it out of the park as did everyone in the cast,” MacLaughlin said.

Whenever The Man in the Chair would get the blues, he liked to listen to old records his mother passed down to him. As he listened to a recording of a fictional 1928 musical comedy, The Drowsy Chaperone, he was transported into the musical. The characters appeared in his apartment, and it was then transformed into impressive sets and backdrops.

The show was filled with wonderful music and comedic roles by the entire cast. The role as The Man in the Chair seemed to be written for Hill as did the roles of Robert Martin and Janet Van De Graaff for sophomores Bryce Sund and Rebecca Munoz. Kristin Wiedeman shined in her role as Mrs. Tottendale, while Anthony Caldera and Alex Rowe were stellar in their roles as George and Adolpho. Dylan Berry, Ben Stranghoner, Rebekah Anliker, Jason Williams, Eric Denning, Jaci Hall, Lauren Sullivan, Riley Emley, David Bartlett, Gary Fizer, Livia Grier, Rose Hooley, and Kaitlynn McDonough teamed to make the show a tremendous success.

Man in the Chair  Jordan Hill
Mrs. Tottendale Kristin Wiedeman
Underling Dylan Berry
Robert Martin Bryce Sund
George Anthony Caldera
Feldzieg Ben Stranghoner
Kitty Rebekah Anliker
Gangster #1 Jason Williams
Gangster #2 Eric Denning
Adolpho Alex Rowe
Janet Van De Graaff Rebecca Munoz
The Drowsy Chaperone Jaci Hall
Trix the Aviatrix  Lauren Sullivan
Superintendent Riley Emley
Chorus, Ensemble, Staff, Reporters:
  David Bartlett
  Gary Fizer
  Jason Williams
  Lyvia Grier
  Rose Hooley
  Kaitlynn McDonough
Stage Manager:
  Kimberley Deaver

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