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April 24, 2012

Young and old alike enjoy Kansas Archaeology Day at Cowley College

The first Kansas Archaeology Day at Cowley College drew a crowd of all ages Saturday, with exhibits, presentations and demonstrations on the archaeology and history of Arkansas City, the Walnut Valley and Kansas.


archaeologyPresented by the Cowley Public Archaeology & History group, and the Cowley College Anthropology program, the day included a large display of actual and replica artifacts by Roger Werner, a reference library curated by Jeannette Nichols, presentations of archaeological sites by Cowley students Jessie Topper and Derl Hicks, and an exhibit on a reconstructed native lodge by Dewy Griffith.

Local primitive skills expert and flint knapper Cecil Hamilton gave a demonstration that drew a crowd, as did the performance of Lenape tribal songs and dance by Jim Hammon, a member of the tribe. Local historian and Cowley adjunct faculty member Heather Fergusson presented a display of archaeological tools. The day’s keynote address was given by Cowley faculty member Chris Mayer, who described the long archaeological tradition of Kansas as found in Cowley County.

“The day was a real success,” Mayer said. “We had around 65 people come through the door, which was more than we expected. Many people brought in their arrowhead collections and artifacts, and that really contributed to the day.”

Also popular was the kid’s dig activity. Many local children took away replica arrowheads they had “excavated” from a simulated archaeological dig.

“We’re already looking forward to next year,” Mayer said. “We want to make this an annual event, and with the enthusiasm and interest of the public, we’ll make it even bigger and better.”

Cowley Public Archaeology & History meets every third Thursday of the month at Cowley College. For more information on this group, future events and anthropology at Cowley, please contact Chris Mayer at 620-441-5229, or on Facebook at

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