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May 2, 2012

Volunteers lay sod at Hafner Training Center


volunteersCompleting the final stage of the landscaping gift given by Cowley College alumnus Alex Gottlob, more than 60 students and employees from across the college recently helped lay sod at the Travis Hafner Training Center.

Gottlob, who graduated from Cowley College in 2007 and was the school’s Student of the Year as a sophomore, donated $28,000 worth of landscaping to the college. The final stage of his gift consisted of four semi-truck loads full of Bermuda sod.

The school’s grounds, physical plant, and maintenance employees spent numerous hours on the project. Coaches and athletes from the men’s and women’s basketball, soccer and track teams also pitched in to help as did coaches and athletes from the Lady Tiger volleyball team.

There were also several students whose time was spent fulfilling hours for the social science classes, ACES, and CAAT organizations on campus.

“It was remarkable to have that many people from all across the campus come together to work on a project,” Schears said. “We appreciate everything Alex did to make this happen and he really blessed us to give what he did.”