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May 3, 2012

Criminal Justice sophomores go out with a bang


criminal justice studentsWhile students are preparing for finals and graduation activities, work continues in the Criminal Justice Department. Sophomores in the Criminal Justice Internship class have had a busy semester completing their internship hours, physical fitness requirements, and studying topics ranging from traffic laws, DUI Enforcement, SFST (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing) to the dangers of methamphetamine labs. They recently concluded their semester with a unit on firearms and firearm safety.

For the firearms portion of class they had guest instructor Terry McClure, the range master for the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office, who will also be graduating from Cowley College on Saturday.

On Wednesday, May 2 the sophomore class completed their semester of studies with a trip to the Cowley County Law Enforcement Firing range. At the range students shot an actual law enforcement qualification course and experimented with different types of rounds through a shotgun. As a surprise bonus for their hard work and good test scores, McClure surprised the students with a rare opportunity even for law enforcement officers, the chance to shoot a full automatic MP5 rifle. The students were thrilled with the opportunity as well as the chance to finish their Cowley education with a bang!

While the sophomore class has been busy the freshman class has been equally active. The freshmen have continued the nightly student patrol as well as earned their national certification with the ASP baton. They have also been learning the finer points of accident investigation. They concluded their semester on May 3 with their final inspection and an awards presentation. 

Continuing a tradition in the Criminal Justice Department promotions were issued to some of the students who will be returning next year. The promotions come with added responsibility and some extra duties overseeing and teaching the next freshman class. These students have demonstrated exceptional performance in their grades, patrol duties, initiative and attendance.

Frank Owens, criminal justice instructor, said if you see these students around campus or in the community please congratulate them and thank them for their efforts.

Cameron Trester and Ann Hale were promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Curtis Defore and Chris Johnson were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.