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June 18, 2012

Senator Abrams shares knowledge of Senate Bill 155


Dr. Steve AbramsDiscussing new Senate Bill 155 and its effects on technical education in Kansas, Dr. Steve Abrams, Senator for Kansas Senate District 32, spoke to Cowley College administrators as well as area high school principals and superintendents Monday in the private dining room of the college’s Patrick J. McAtee Dining Center.

Considered to be one of the top experts in Career and Technical Education legislation in the state, Senator Abrams spoke of the career technical education incentive program, which will award $1,000, subject to appropriation, to a school district for each high school graduate who graduates from that district with an industry recognized credential/certification in a high-need occupation, as identified by the Secretary of Labor, in consultation with the State Board of Regents and the State Board.

The same provisions apply to students from a private secondary school, attending a community or technical college or institute of technology, except that the State Board of Regents must reimburse a community or technical college or institute of technology for payment of the cost of assessments up to $1,000 per student.

“Dr. Abrams is a strong supporter of Career and Technical Education in high schools and their transition as needed into community colleges,” said Cowley College vice president of academic affairs Slade Griffiths. “This served as a good way to discuss what’s best for our students, our institutions, the community and business community. We hope to keep the students in the county once they complete the program.”

Senate Bill 155 maintains the vocational education program weighting of 0.5 in current law, which is used to compute the full-time equivalent enrollment in any approved vocational education program.

Principals and superintendents in attendance were: Ron Ballard and David Zumwalt from Arkansas City High School; Alan Jamison and Kevin Schmidt from Caldwell High School; Marian Hedges of Central-Burden High School; Clay Murphy and Lelin George of Conway Springs High School; Lance Rhodd of Cedar Vale High School; John Showman of South Haven High School; Rick Weiss of Wellington High School; and Trenton Creeden of Winfield High School.

Representing Cowley College at the meeting were, president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee; executive vice president of business services Tony Crouch; vice president of academic affairs Slade Griffiths; associate dean of instruction Greg Nichols; and director of academic enrichment Janice Stover.

Area principals and superintendents primarily meet with Cowley College officials once a month to discuss what is best for the students and the community.