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July 24, 2012

Tiger Deli manager Vicki Crouch is retiring after 10 years of service


In August 2002, Vicki Crouch was hired at Cowley College to be the manager of Kimmell Dorm. Having raised four children of her own, she relished the opportunity to be around and help nurture young adults. Admittedly she was a little surprised by some of the behavior and actions that she witnessed in the dorms throughout her six years there, but overall her experience was very enjoyable. Vicki met and developed relationships with numerous, great college students.

Shortly after Vicki was hired, the Tiger Deli was constructed and Vicki was asked to run the new deli. The rest, as she says, “is history.” Vicki was excited to be there from the start of the deli and onward. She has loved running the deli and will very much miss it, and its customers. Vicki shares a passion for both food preparation and people. The combination of the two has created a very rewarding job experience for Vicki. She states that she will truly miss all of her customers and the talks that they have had. She wants to especially thank Liz Shepard for all of her assistance, as well as Pam Crain, Shannon Chambers, and Desiree Nellis. Vicki says she couldn’t have done it without them!

Vicki’s colleagues will certainly miss her as well. Slade Griffiths, Vice President of Academic Affairs, commented that Vicki’s cheer and happiness were both evident and inspiring. He stated that seeing Vicki in the morning would make his day better. He considers Vicki to be a truly great person and he will miss having her on campus. Kathy Witte, Library Assistant, likewise stated that although she hopes Vicki thoroughly enjoys her retirement, she will definitely miss seeing her in the deli and chatting with her in the mornings.

Vicki liked to make her customers happy. Admissions Secretary Terri Hutchinson shared that she appreciated how much Vicki tried to please her customers. She would regularly try to make improvements and consistently try new food products, often at the suggestion of a patron. Beyond satisfying the hunger pains, it has been Vicki’s friendliness that has made such a positive impact on many of her colleagues.

Vicki would like to extend her personal gratitude to each college employee for making her 10 years at Cowley such a positive, memorable time. She will miss seeing her extended Cowley family. She suggests keeping an eye out for an old lady crossing over the bridge with a little cart and mini horse. If you see her, wave, for it will surely be Vicki. Somsy Sengvixay, Grounds Supervisor, liked to ask each morning, “You happy today Vicki?” He knew her response would be truthful. Just the fact he cared enough to ask, was a blessing to Vicki.

Vicki’s last official day of employment is July 31st, 2012. After retiring, she plans on spending a lot of time in her yard, growing flowers, and cleaning her house from top to bottom. Vicki is married to Tony Crouch, Executive Vice President of Business Services at Cowley College. All Cowley employees would like to wish Vicki well in her retirement; may every day be filled with much happiness!