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August 31, 2011

Cowley�s Adult Education Program High in Quality


Working hard to ensure student success, Cowley College’s Adult Education Program ranked first in Quality Measures out of all 19 community colleges in Kansas. Each year Adult Education Programs in Kansas are evaluated by state standards of quality points. Devin Graves, director of Adult Education Programs at Cowley College, and his staff, have worked hard to get the program to its current level.

“This has been a team effort,” Graves said. “The entire staff has placed a renewed emphasis on student success and transitioning them into the college.”

The program works with a diverse student population that must overcome many barriers and obstacles. Though it is challenging work, the reward to see students succeed is immeasurable. It is truly life changing for each of them.

Other staff members in the school’s Adult Education Program include, instructional coordinator Brooke Istas, Cheryl Bolack, Janet Davidson, Pam Crain, and LaVaughan Scheurich. Adult Education and College Preparation classes run throughout the year, with morning and evening courses offered. For more information on the program contact Devin Graves at 620-441-5335.