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September 23, 2011

IMPACT students take in a night at the Flickingers


The IMPACT program at Cowley College held its first cultural event Monday from 6-10 p.m. by spending the evening at Mark and Dianne Flickinger’s home in Arkansas City.

Mark serves as an art instructor at the college, while Dianne works with the IMPACT program.

Fifty students participated in the event, which consisted of yard games, and hayrack rides in the countryside. Students saw deer and a small fox while on the hayrack ride.

While waiting for the hayride, students sat around the fire sharing stories of places they have been and getting to know one another.

The evening became cultural when employees in the IMPACT program asked the students from the big cities to roast their first hotdog over an open fire.

Soon, the stars brilliantly filled the sky as Todd Shepherd, Cowley’s astronomy instructor, allowed students stargazing privileges through his high-powered telescope with a 10-12 inch lens.

“This yearly event has become an IMPACT favorite for many students and is a great start to the year,” said Jason O’Toole, director of the IMPACT program.

IMPACT is a federally funded Student Support Services Trio Program designed to help Cowley students succeed. They provide valuable services, including transfer visits, tutoring, IMPACT courses, career exploration with career previews, cultural trips, and laptop and calculator checkout program.