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October 7, 2011

College�s Endowment Association donates $1,200 to assist with students� trip


C.A.A.T.Working hard to raise enough money to attend the Bacchus Network General Assembly held in Reston VA, November 3-5, six student members of the Cowley Activity Awareness Team (CAAT) were still coming up a bit short in the money to cover their trip expense. Wanting to ensure the students would be able to take part in this worthwhile conference, Cowley College’s Endowment Association presented the students with $1,200 to make the trip a reality.

After the Cowley Activity Awareness Team (CAAT) benefit dinner and labor auction raised $2,700, the students were short about $200 each of achieving their goal. When Shannon Massey, executive director of alumni and development, and Ben Schears, vice president of institutional advancement, heard of the students’ ordeal, they were quick to come to the students need.

“I am very pleased we are able to help these six students with some additional funds to make the trip,” Massey said. “They are great students who have worked hard to raise enough money to attend the conference.  We thought this additional money would help ease the burden of the last minute fundraising they needed to do before their trip.”

Charlee Wilson, sponsor of CAAT, is glad to know the students will get the opportunity to attend the conference.

“This donation really helped give them this opportunity, when they heard the news they were thrilled because they have been working very hard to raise the money for the conference,” Wilson said.

The Cowley Activity Awareness Team strives to positively influence lives by setting an example for their peers through their responsible actions and choices.  CAAT promotes healthy lifestyles through alternative activities, awareness, and leadership on campus and within the community.

“We wanted to support this group of students who have given so much of their time to advocate for making healthy lifestyle decisions,” Schears said. “We are hopeful they will return to campus with additional knowledge and ideas for creating a positive environment for all of our students.”

Students attending the conference are, Jordan McDowell, Rosi Simmons, Savannah Hardister, Andrea Sweetwood, Julie Hinson, and Brenda Mapel.

For more information on the CAAT Team please call Charlee Wilson at 620-441-5312.