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October 26, 2011

Music department takes audience on “A Musical Journey Around the World”


concertMusic fans were treated to a special evening Tuesday in the Robert Brown Theatre as the Cowley College Concert Band and Cowley College Concert Choir presented “A Musical Journey Around the World”.

Both groups received warm ovations throughout the concert.

“I can’t begin to say what a thrilling evening it was for all of us,” Concert Choir director Connie Donatelli said. “An incredible amount of work went into the performance in each and every rehearsal with both the Concert Band and Concert Choir and the students are to be commended for their outstanding work. For all of us on stage the response of the audience said it all.”

The Concert Band opened the evening under the direction of Josh Fleig. The Concert Band’s repertoire consisted of music primarily from North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. They performed Burst by Sean O’Laughlin (up-and-coming young American composer); First Suite in E-flat by Gustav Holst (pillar of the repertoire; distinctly British in character); Reflections on an English Hymn by Carl Strommen (the hymn “Jerusalem,” used to this day at English sporting events to inspire reverence and solidarity before competition); and Our Director by F.E. Bigelow (American style march composed before the turn of the 20th century; the trio section used to this day by many high schools and colleges as a fight song).

The Concert Choir then took the stage under the direction of Connie Donatelli. Dalene MccDonald served as an accompanist on piano during the Concert Choir’s performance.

The Concert Choir’s repertoire consisted of music from Africa, Ireland, Latin America, and America. They performed Baba Yetu (Swahili adaptation of “the Lord’s Prayer”); Danny Boy (a popular song in the Irish music repertoire); Vamos A Bailar (which means Let’s Dance); Shenandoah ( a beloved American ballad); and He’s got the Whole World (an original American folk tune).

The Concert Choir will perform their program again during “A Night at The Opera”, which will be held Friday, Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. inside the Robert Brown Theatre.

“The Choir is very excited to be a part of “A Night at The Opera” and can’t wait to do our program again,” Donatelli said.

Students in the Concert Choir recently had an opportunity to meet with Dominique Moralez, who will be featured at “A Night At the Opera”.

“The students were amazed and thrilled at the talent and the electricity and excitement for the Concert on November 4 was definitely generated,” Donatelli said. “I really feel that this concert will be an event unlike any other that has happened at the college and should not be missed.”

All proceeds from “A Night at the Opera” will benefit both Cowley College and Southwestern College Performing Arts programs. Tickets can be purchased by calling 620-221-2853.

Also, the Cowley College Jazz Band and CC Singers will perform in concert Tuesday, Nov. 8 inside the Robert Brown Theatre.

Members of the Concert Choir are: Jacklynn Anderson, Rebekah Anliker, Katie Arnett, William Austin, Zachary Barrett, Dylan Berry, Jolie Butler, Anthony Caldera, Cathleen Call, Jerrel Collins, Abby Crow, Eric Denning, Alexis Denoncourt, Devin Dice, Amanda Dory, Bronte Doughman, Brittany Dunn, Lydia Farley, Gary Fizer, Lyvia Grier, Jaaci Hall, Megan Hamlett, Jordan Hill, Miriam Hiwrade, Sidney Hogan, Rose Hooley, Rachel McAfee, Kaitlin McDonough, Lauren Miller, Rebecca Munoz, Michael Norem, Raven Ortiz, Elizabeth Parks, Alexie Pearce, Jordan Pohl, Tyler Robbins, Alex Rowe, Lane Russell, Emma Schrag, Angela Shockey, Kaile Shrode, Benjamin Stranghoner, Lauren Sullivan, Bryce Sund, Mollie Talbert, Amanda Westerman, Christian Weston, Brittany White, Kyle White, Kristan Wiedeman, Baylee Williams, and Jason Williams.

Members of the Concert Band are: Rosana Macias, Jacklynn Anderson, Michael Wunderlich, Alyssa Nulik, Tiffany Cook, David Bartlett, Brian Lowe, Maggie Detrick, Kaile Shrode, Andrea Harris, Genny Potelle, Lara Schmidt, Alyssa Eli, Travis Duckett, Caitlyn Mapel, Mollie Talbert, Kendall Slovak, Blake Gillihan, Octavio Matamoros, Alex Smitely, Kristin Wakeland, Jesse Shore, Ethan Goodwin, Maria Schmidt, Lauren Miller, Jaci Hall, Michael Talbott, Kiley Broyles, Sarah Enderud, Devin Ruyle, Justin Davis, Cathy Call, Ryan Cells, Conner Coldwell, Dustin Mast, Cody Waggoner, Chris Bohnert, Phillip Gehring, Cameron Crabtree, and Aaron Byers.

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