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December 1, 2011

Guest instructor teaches criminal justice students controlled force tactics


criminal justice classLearning how to initiate an arrest in a controlled way, students in Cowley College’s Criminal Justice Topics I course are taking advantage of having Shawn Love, defense tactics instructor for the Winfield Police Department, serve as a guest instructor.

Love, who graduated from Cowley College in 1991, has worked in controlled force tactics at the WPD since 1997 and has run White Tiger Martial Arts in Winfield since 1995.

Freshmen students in the Criminal Justice Topics I course class are currently working on a self-defense unit but instead of standard self defense instruction they are learning a method called controlled force.

Love has been working with the criminal justice students on how to make an arrest in a controlled way, so that the officer and the arrestee do not get injured.

“When the opportunity came up to do this I jumped at the chance to give back to the college,” Love said.

In his first year as the college’s criminal justice instructor, Frank Owens came up with the idea for a new way to instruct the self-defense unit.

“I wanted the students to not just listen to the same old instructors, I wanted to bring in a local expert like Shawn from around the area,” Owens said.

On Thursday, Love showed the students the proper way to handcuff an arrestee. Prior to that, Love worked with the students on how to handle a baton and the correct way to work as a team while handling an arrest.

Owens has been so impressed with Love’s work with the students that Love is planning on teaching an Expandable Baton certification course at the college in the spring semester.

Sophomores in the Criminal Justice Topics I course will complete their Taser certification next week.