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December 9, 2011

PBL students attend National Leadership Conference


PBLSeveral members of Cowley College’s Phi Beta Lambda Club attended the “Gateway to Greatness” National Leadership Conference in Little Rock, AR during late November. The students spent two days listening and interacting with great speakers on topics such as leadership, time management, dressing for success, making effective presentations, financial literacy, team building, and getting along with others.

Attending the conference provided the students with many resources to aid them in their development on the road to achieving greatness. The students learned the power of saying no to prevent getting overwhelmed. They learned the 21 characteristics of a leader, along with building a personal brand and keeping it.

“The Gateway to Greatness Conference was very informative,” said Cowley College freshman Tonia Fuentes. “Derek Clark was my favorite speaker. His story was very powerful and his energy was very refreshing to see. I also enjoyed Kent Julian’s session titled “Never Settle for Average”. His discussion on E+R=O was very interesting. It provided the idea that experiences plus one’s response to those experiences determines outcomes.”

Freshman Lacey Tipton also found the conference beneficial.

“I really enjoyed a time management session that will help me work on my procrastination issues,” Tipton said. “Also, the closing speaker, Derek Clark, was very uplifting and made me realize that anyone can become great, it just takes one person to believe in you, and you can do the rest.”

Sarah Mathews, co-sponsor for PBL accompanied the group to Little Rock.

“I believe the students truly enjoyed the conference and the experience,” Mathews said. “Our closing speaker was very inspirational and made an impact on several of the students.”

Those pictured are, from left, Brandon Coon, Haley Rouleau, Samantha Francis, Samantha Nolting, Talia McNickle, Tania Fuentes, Jennifer Mendez, Shannon Mahon, Lacey Tipton, Amanda Yauch, and sponsor Sarah Mathews.