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December 12, 2011

Cowley alumnus donates $28,000 worth of landscaping to his former school


donationOne of several family members to have graduated from Cowley College, Alex Gottlob of Gottlob Lawn and Landscape LLC, decided to give back to his alma mater by donating $28,000 worth of landscaping to the Travis Hafner Training Center capital campaign.

Gottlob’s company donated native plants, boulders, and grass. The plants will flower with orange colored blooms in the spring and fall, while Bermuda sod will be laid in the spring.

Gottlob, who graduated from Cowley College in 2007, was the school’s Student of the Year as a sophomore.

“My experience at Cowley was absolutely amazing,” Gottlob said.

At Cowley, Gottlob was involved in Phi Beta Lambda, Campus Christian Fellowship, and was a Cowley Ambassador.

Representing Cowley’s Phi Beta Lambda organization at the National Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN. in June, 2006, Gottlob became the first Cowley student to place first at the national level as he placed first in job interview.

Bev Grunder, who served as one of Gottlob’s instructors and was then the sponsor of PBL, said any instructor would be thrilled to have a classroom full of students like Alex.

“He is a very energetic, organized, and self-motivated individual,” Grunder said. Winning first place in the job interview competition at the Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference exemplified his ability to excel not only in the classroom, but also apply his skills to the business world. He could not have exceeded in the classroom and operated his own lawn service business without these traits. He continues to demonstrate these personal traits today by giving back to the college through his donation.”

Gottlob went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Southwestern College in 2009. He has been the owner of Gottlob Lawn and Landscape LLC, a successful lawn and landscaping business in Winfield, since he was in the sixth grade and has an average of 6-7 year-round employees.

The Gottlob name is not unfamiliar to the college, as along with Alex, several of his family members can lay claim to Cowley College as their alma mater. The family members to attend Cowley were, Estelle (Hamilton) Gottlob (Class of 1933), Janet Gottlob (Class of 1963), Glenn Gottlob (Class of 1965), Jerre Gottlob (Class of 1964), Darrell Gottlob (Class of 1963), Tony Gottlob (Class of 1965), Kirk Gottlob (Class of 1969), Carol Gottlob (Class of 1970), his father, Bob Gottlob (Class of 1970), Clint Gottlob (Class of 1989), Kristy Gottlob (Class of 1990), Brett Gottlob (Class of 1991), his sister, Angela (Gottlob) Norton (Class of 1994), Kim Gottlob (Class of 1995), Russell Gottlob (Class of 2000), and Curtis Gottlob (Class of 2005).

Alex’s sister, Angela, was the Student of the Year at Cowley College in 1994 and was named the 1994 Kansas Junior College Student of the Year. Prior to that, his cousin Brett was named the school’s 1991 Student of the Year as well as the 1991 Kansas Junior College Student of the Year.

His cousin, Kristy, was crowned Queen Alalah during her time at the school and later worked in the school’s admissions department. The college is fortunate to hold endowed scholarships honoring a pair of his relatives – the Estelle Hamilton Gottlob Endowed Scholarship and Jerre Gottlob Memorial Scholarship.

“I saw this as an opportunity to make a gift on behalf of all my family members that have attended Cowley College,” Gottlob said. “This will strengthen the relationship between my family and Cowley College on behalf of all of us.”

Ben Schears, Cowley College vice president of institutional advancement, said Gottlob knows the benefits of hard work and perseverance and the school is proud to have him as an alumnus.

“That he was willing to give such a significant gift to the campaign, especially at such an early stage in his life, really says a lot about his character,” Schears said. “We couldn’t be more honored to have him be a part of this campaign.”

Gottlob is proud to be an alumnus of Cowley College and is happy to see the school prosper.

“I appreciate Cowley’s organization skills from top to bottom,” Gottlob said. “The consistency of excellence at the school is phenomenal and says a lot about the leadership at the school.”