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December 12, 2011

So Long, Funny Girl!


Tracey WilliamsCowley is losing a great employee, and that is no joke! Tracey Williams, Registrar Office Secretary, is retiring from Cowley College after almost 15 years of service. Tracey has worked in a couple of different capacities for the college during her 15 years of employment. The last eleven years have been spent working with the registrar, where she has added and dropped classes from students’ schedules, updated student demographic data, worked with transcripts and much more. Anyone that has had the privilege to work with or around Tracey couldn’t help but notice her sense of humor. In addition to her work contributions, her laughter and sense of humor will be deeply missed by all of her Cowley family.  

Tracey had several coworkers submit memorable moments about her, and coincidentally every single submission contained endearing comments about her wit, laughter, and joking personality. Tracey has a smile that is contagious and uplifting to everyone around her. Her clever and witty remarks are enjoyable and keep all on their toes. Her closest coworkers have often been targets of her orneriness throughout the years. It was not uncommon for Tracey to introduce new employees to her coworkers with outrageous stories of them being ex-cons still donning their court-mandated ankle bracelets. With Tracey, you simply never knew what was going to come out of her mouth, but you did know it would be said with good-heartedness.

Tracey shares the same feelings of fondness about Cowley and her coworkers. She states that above everything else, it is the working friendships that she has developed at Cowley that she is most appreciative of. She considers those treasures immeasurable. Tracey laments that it has been a privilege to work at Cowley and be part of the Cowley “family” for so many years. Her retirement is bittersweet. Although, she’ll miss her working environment, she is very excited about staying home and helping care for her granddaughter, Hayley, whom she considers the light of her life.

It has been suggested that “you don’t stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing.” If that is true, then Tracey will always remain ageless. Her Cowley family wishes her well in her retirement, may it be filled with much love, joy, and of course laughter!