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January 7, 2013

Cowley honors 29 employees for years of service


years of serviceTwenty-nine Cowley College employees were honored Monday morning for their years of service during a recognition ceremony in the Earle N. Wright Community Room inside the Brown Center.

Employees were honored in five-year increments.

Awards are presented annually to employees who have worked five, 10, 15, 20, 25 consecutive years.

This year’s award recipients:

* 25 years: Dave Burroughs, head baseball coach/interim athletic director; Kelly Johnson,

* 20 years: Rae Dale, Business, Computer and Information Technology Department instructor; Cathy Hendricks, Social Science Department instructor; Charles McKown, vice president of research and technology; Greg Schartz, bus driver.

* 15 years: Connie Donatelli, vocal music director; Stefani Jones, coordinator of Allied Health Support Services; Jack McVey, custodial supervisor; Jason O’Toole, director of Student Support Services grant/IMPACT; Shannon O’Toole, director of bookstore operations; Kristi Shaw, director of student life; Tammy Strange, Natural Science and Math Department secretary.

* 10 years: Melissa Hollister, bookstore office manager; Ellen Kelly, payroll and benefit specialist; Scott Layton, Natural Science Department instructor; Tom McClaflin, bus driver; Melinda Neal, Natural Science Department instructor; Liz Shepard, Upward Bound director.

* 5 years: Shannon Chambers, Upward Bound academic coordinator; Kevin Clark, computer technician; Joe Clasen, NDT program director; Josh Cobble, head tennis coach; Katrina Colwell, assistant women’s basketball coach; Dianne Flickinger, Student Support Services (IMPACT) English Specialist; Brooke Istas, instructional coordinator/math instructor; Justin Mills, custodian; Julie Rorabaugh, director of instructional technology; Meg Smith, director of journalism.