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January 30, 2013

Cowley College establishes Fraud Taskforce


Seeing a nation-wide increase in federal fraudulent financial aid cases, Cowley College recently formed a Fraud Taskforce to help combat the issue.

The 10-member Taskforce will help protect Cowley College by preventing, locating and reporting incidents of fraud. They plan to use multiple methodologies to locate issues of fraudulent activity.

“Cowley College holds integrity as one of its core values,” Cowley College interim president Tony Crouch said. “With that, we feel it is in our best interest, and the best of interest of higher education in general, to have processes in place to identify and deal with issues of fraud.”

The Fraud Taskforce plans to educate the community and change practices to prevent fraud. Information about the Fraud Taskforce will be posted on the College’s website and will be featured on posters that will be displayed around campus. The information will also be shared at student orientations and will be discussed with the College’s Board of Trustees, as well as faculty and staff.

The Department of Education Inspector General will also conduct a presentation on the school’s main campus in Arkansas City.

Suspected fraud will be reported to the Department of Education and the local police department. Any student who exhibits fraudulent behavior will be expelled.

Slade Griffiths, Cowley College vice president of academic affairs, will give a presentation on fraudulent activity to other vice president’s in the state at the Kansas Council of Instructional Administrators meeting planned for Wednesday, Feb. 13 in Topeka.

“We are convinced that our Taskforce will make a significant difference in reducing these type of incidents at Cowley College,” Griffiths said.