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February 6, 2013


Theatre Department to perform “Noises Off” Noises Off

Called “the funniest farce ever written” by the New York Post, Cowley College’s Act One Drama Club is set to present “Noises Off” by Michael Frayn, Feb. 28-March 2 in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Each show will be performed at 7:30 p.m. and the cost is $8 for adults, $5 for students or $20 for the dinner and show combo offered on Saturday night.

Tickets go on sale Monday, Feb. 11 and can be purchased at the Cowley Box Office or by calling 620-441-5570. To purchase tickets online go to

In keeping with the college’s 90th anniversary, Theatre Director Scott MacLaughlin chose to perform “Noises Off”, which was the first-ever production in the Robert Brown Theatre back in 1995.

“I thought there would be no better way to celebrate 90 years than performing such a wonderfully recognized show,” MacLaughlin said.

In his plot for Noises Off, Frayn plays on the concept of a play within a play. Much of the comedy emerges from the subtle variations in each version as off-stage chaos affects on-stage performance, with a great deal of slapstick.

“It is a highly technically challenging play,” MacLaughlin said. “But, keeping with the 90th anniversary we wanted to go as big and as difficult as we could go.”

Act One is set at the dress rehearsal with the cast experiencing bizarre happenings and still fumbling with the script.

Act Two portrays an afternoon one month later where everything went wrong. In this act, the stage is spun around and the play is seen from backstage, providing a view that reveals the deteriorating personal relationships among the cast that have led to offstage shenanigans and onstage bedlam.

In Act Three, the stage spins back around to the front and we see a performance near the end of the production’s theatre run. By this time, everything with the show has fallen apart.


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