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February 27, 2013

Cowley College presents awards to �Tech Wizards�


Tech WizardsCelebrating the first month of the after school program “Tech Wizards”, Cowley College instructor Daniel Higdon presented participants in the program with awards based off of four areas of competition Tuesday night in the Walker Technology Building.

The mission of “Tech Wizards” is to provide culturally responsive afterschool, small-group mentoring programs to youth, grades 3-8. The students meet Tuesday and Thursday’s from 4:30-6 p.m. The program will continue on for an additional four weeks.

“This is a way to help these students stay motivated in the classroom,” Higdon said.

The program uses youth interest in science and emerging technologies to help engage them in learning.

Higdon gave the students challenges they had to do with a robot they constructed. The students’ robots were used in a Maze competition, Comedy competition, Drag Race competition, and Beauty competition.

Winners of each competition were awarded prizes. A video showcasing the work done by the students was shown during the awards ceremony.

The program helps youth aspire to post-secondary education, productive jobs and careers, and community engagement.

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