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March 4, 2013

Cowley Theatre Department brings back "Noises Off" to help celebrate 90th anniversary

spring play Having been the first play to be produced in Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre back in the fall of 1995, “Noises Off” was re-produced and performed at the college Thursday through Saturday in celebration of the school’s 90th anniversary.

The play revolved around a company of actors getting ready to perform a famous British farce called “Nothing On”. The play began in Des Moines, Iowa, just before midnight, during the final dress rehearsal prior to opening night of the play. In the play, the actors, director, and crew were frantically trying to polish the performance before their audience debut.

In Act Two, the show has now traveled to Pittsburgh, PA, and has been touring on the road for about a month. The set spun around for this performance and revealed all of the drama that happens backstage, behind the scenes, for the audience to enjoy.

In the final act, it was two months later in Cleveland, Ohio, and the set spun around again for the audience to witness the final performance and the impact the backstage drama had on the show.

According to Scott MacLaughlin “Noises Off” celebrated the art and craft of theatre in an amusing and creative way.

“This has truly been a great show to work on,” Cowley College theatre director Scott MacLaughlin said. “This cast and crew have been extremely dedicated, even working through several snow days. I am very proud of their hard work.”


Dotty Otley -
Lloyd Dallas -
Garry Lejune -
Brooke Ashton -
Poppy Norton-Taylor -
Frederick Fellowes -
Belinda Blair -
Tim Allgood -
Selsdon Mowbray -
Stage Manager -
Set Designer -

Rose Hooley
Tim Kennedy
Dylan Berry
Kristin Boxman
Haley Rogers
John Paul Eichelberger
Kaitlin McDonough
Gary Fizer III
Corey Rothwell
Victoria Hutchison
Jamison Rhoads

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