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March 14, 2013

Global Learning Outcomes Action Project Revitalizes Outcomes Assessment


The Global Learning Outcomes (GLO) team has reviewed, revised, and updated outcomes originally developed by the Outcomes Assessment Team.

The GLO team, which is made up of Chairman Adam Borth, Marlys Cervantes, Slade Griffiths, Rae Dale, Scott Layton, Deborah Layton, Bob Moffatt, Michelle Schoon, Martin Shaffer, and Todd Shepherd, determines assessment strategies and continues to review current student learning outcomes and make revisions as needed.

“These new global learning outcomes, developed by our faculty, are broad goals that all of our graduates should possess,” Griffiths said.  

The intended objectives are for students to demonstrate skills in communication, computation, critical thinking and problem solving, computer/technology, and citizenship.

“We are confident that these will help our graduates become better scholars and citizens,” Griffiths said.