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March 19, 2013

Board of Trustees approve Cowley's membership in Community College Forum

Giving Cowley College access to more than 1,500 research studies of higher education issues, the school’s Board of Trustees approved a three-year membership to the Community College Forum during the annual monthly meeting held Monday night in the McAtee Dining Center.

Through membership in the Community College Forum, all ideas are designed to be easy and cost-effective to implement. After reviewing the research topics, Tony Crouch, Cowley College interim president, found many of the topics to be spot on the school’s current issues. Crouch believes many of the research ideas could have an immediate impact on the college.

The cost of the three-year membership is $25,500 per year.

After meeting with a representative from the Community College Forum, Crouch is confident of the benefits membership will bring the college.

“We have carefully considered the information that would be available, the option for specific research topics, and the relevance to our current issues and believe the cost of the membership will be more than paid for in information received,” Crouch said.

In other matters:

  1. The Board discussed the KACCT/COP Retreat, which is scheduled for June 7-8 at Dodge City Community College.
  2. Discussed the 44th Annual Community College Leadership Congress, which will take place Oct. 2-5 in Seattle, WA.
  3. Approved the recommendation for no increase in tuition and fees for all face-to-face Cowley College classes.
  4. Approved a new cost structure for online classes. All online classes will be priced at $113 per credit hour regardless of student residency.
  5. Approved Great Western Dining’s proposed 4 percent increase in rates for next year.
  6. Approved the modified Adding/Dropping a Class policy 254.00.
  7. Reviewed a rough draft of the following policies: Conflict of Interest (policy 137.00); Nepotism (policy 170.00); also held first readings to modify the following policies, Graduation Requirements (policy 216.00); Compensation Plan for Part-Time Instructors (policy 277.00).
  8. Reviewed a rough draft of revisions to the Tiger Booster Club constitution and the criteria for membership in the Tiger Athletic Hall of Fame.
  9. Reviewed an Academic Report provided by Slade Griffiths, vice president of academic affairs.
  10. Reviewed an Endowment/Alumni update and Student Life report from Ben Schears, vice president of institutional advancement/student life.
  11. According to the Official Registration report prepared by Mark Britton, registrar, the spring semester headcount enrollment is 3,957 and the FTE is 2,851. The distribution of student origin indicated 883 are from Cowley County. There are also 14 foreign countries represented by students attending Cowley College.
  12. Approved the employment of Courtney Peterson as financial aid service specialist, effective March 25.
  13. Accepted a letter of resignation from Cheryl Bolack as adult education instructional staff, effective March 31.
  14. Approved overload contracts for 39 faculty members for the 2013 spring semester.
  15. Held a pair of executive sessions totaling 30 minutes to discus professional negotiations, property acquisition, and non-elected personnel.