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March 25, 2013

Cowley plays host to two-day super seminar


SeminarCowley College hosted a two-day super seminar on “Why Teens Kill” and “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill” March 19-20 in the Earle N. Wright Community Room.

On March 19, Phil Chalmers was on campus to provide his “Why Teens Kill” presentation. This seminar was informative and eye-opening. There were graphic images and video, and shocking crime scene photos as Chalmers’ mission is to educate America and save the lives of children.

He covered the risk factors and warning signs for teen mass murderers as well as the triggers that can propel a teen towards homicide or suicide. Chalmers identified the six types of teen killers and explained the Homicidal Triad. Chalmers also covered violence in the media (music, movies, and video games) that is being consumed amongst today’s younger generations.

On March 20, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman provided the audience with his “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill” presentation. Col. Grossman presented information regarding the violence our school children face from angry students as well as terroristic threats. Grossman explained in detail the five D’s of safety – Denial, Deter, Detect, Delay, Destroy.

Both presenters made quite an impact on everyone in attendance as each have decades of research in this field and have written several books relating to these matters. There were approximately 70 people in attendance for this two-day super seminar. Participants were primarily from law enforcement organizations but also present were school/college administrators, EMS personnel, educators, nurses, college housing officials and others. Participants were from McCook, Neb. to Duncan, OK, to Garden City, KS.

“It was an incredible opportunity to be able to get two of America’s foremost experts on teen violence here at Cowley,” Matt Stone, director of security and public safety at Cowley College said. “Although the topic that was covered is admittedly not a pleasant subject, education in this field is highly needed for all schools and law enforcement officials. Local support was great at this seminar as we had approximately 30 local officials, 15 of which were from Cowley.”