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March 27, 2013

Cowley continues to rank among top community colleges in graduation/transfer rates


After ranking among the top-30 community colleges in the nation in federally-reported graduation and transfer rates in a survey conducted by College Measures, a joint venture of the American Institutes of Research and the Matrix Knowledge Group during the summer of 2012, Cowley College’s graduation plus transfer rate is up 3 percent since last year’s survey.

“Cowley College is a great higher education institution that serves all in the community,” Cowley College vice president of academic affairs Slade Griffiths said.

Last summer’s survey showed Cowley with a 62% success rate, while the latest Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) report shows the college to be at 65%. Success rate was defined as percentage of students that graduated within three years or transferred to four-year colleges.

The breakdown is a 28% graduation rate and a 37% transfer out (prior to graduating) rate.

“All the college employees have keenly focused their attention on our student successes and I’m proud of these folks and our students,” Griffiths said. “In particular, I am particularly proud of the faculty who share their knowledge and are willing to help the students become more successful in and outside the classroom.”