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April 3, 2013


CAAT’s in a Box event helps to feed those less fortunate


Caat's in a Box

As part of the third annual CAAT’s in a Box event held in the parking lot of Cowley College’s W.S. Scott Auditorium, students in the Cowley Activity Awareness Team collected 154 pounds of food and raised $226 in donations.

The food was donated to the Manna Ministries food pantry in Arkansas City. While, the money raised was donated to Five Loaves Meal Ministry. 

Thirty five students took part in the event. 

“I feel it was a great experience for the students who took part,” CAAT sponsor Charlee Wilson said. “It was fun for students, but at the same time it was educational and also they were helping those in need in our community.”

Students that stayed the entire night in a cardboard box got a brief taste of the struggles the homeless experience. It started raining in the middle of the night and the cardboard boxes began to leak. Early the next morning the area was hit with a small thunderstorm and some pea sized hail.

“I feel there were several Cowley students who came away from the event with a better understanding of what homelessness truly is, a better appreciation for what they have, and a stronger desire to help those in need,” Wilson said.

Students that took part in the event were: Kristy Skinner, Alex Alvarez, Emily Berger, Corey Rothwell, Roy Tannehill, Rayn Weldon, Derek Sanders, Ashley Flaming, Aaren Blossom, Dominic Smeills, Aaron Bennett, Chelsey Bruce, Taylor Best, Matthew Lambdin, Robin Greenup, Nathan Metzinger, Joe Descartes, Dakota McDermott, Desiree Bland, Gabe Rash, Paige Traffas, Ram Saenz, Ashley Randel, Haley Cook, Zach Rhodes, Craig Cropek, Aaron Peterson, Samantha Sanhorn, Christelle Beard, Cathleen Call, Megan Hamlett, April Patton, Julie Hinson, Ashley Manly, and Gabriella Cantu.