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April 16, 2013

Math and Science Club students take educational trip


Math and Science ClubMembers of Cowley College’s Math and Science Club took a trip to Hutchinson on Saturday, April 13 to visit the Underground Salt Mine Museum and the Cosmosphere.

Math and Science Club students and some students from Physics classes spent the morning at the Underground Salt Mine touring the mine and looking at the history of the salt mine in Hutchinson. The tour included an underground train ride where they went deeper in the mine to explore remnants of artifacts left over 50 years ago by salt miners as well as observe unique formations of geology associated with the salt mine. 

There was also a Dark Ride which exposed students to a zero light environment and allowed students to gather salt samples deep into the mine. After a few hours of exploring deep in the salt mines, the students went to outer space by way of the Cosmosphere. There they explored the night sky and hazards of working in outer space as well as a program dealing with the behavior of light. 

There was a guided tour through the space museum where students saw the history of the space race as well as artifacts from NASA including the Liberty Bell 7 and the Apollo 13 capsule. 

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