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April 24, 2013

Manny Thompson to serve as Graduate Teaching Assistant in China


Manny ThompsonThrough Fort Hays State University (FHSU) College of business and Entrepreneurship, Cowley College alumnus Manny Thompson will complete his Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management overseas in Henan, China at Sias International University.

During Thompson’s MBA program with Fort Hays State University; partnered with Sias University, he will serve as a Graduate Teaching Assistant to a FHSU business professor. While emerging himself into the Chinese culture, and completing his second master’s degree.

The two-year international "GTA" position yields 100% tuition waiver/scholarship. Free room-and-board while at Sias International University and a bi-weekly stipend.

This will serve as a fantastic international cultural experience for Thompson with all overseas expenses paid - free room and board, one round-trip airfare ticket from Hays to China, and monthly cultural activities while in China, such as visit the Great Wall, see the Terra Cotta soldiers, and tour the Forbidden City.

Thompson, who graduated from Cowley College in 2009, will have an opportunity to learn a great deal about the world's most significant emerging market and to develop an understanding of Chinese culture and business. He may also learn key Mandarin Chinese language skills.

“My reason for pursuing the MBA is that I want to partner my Masters in Criminal Justice degree with an MBA in an effort to better market myself as a well rounded individual with plenty of life experiences,” Thompson said. “My dreams, other than becoming a husband/father, are to break into the Senior Executive Services within a federal law enforcement agency/administration. Second, I would like to pursue a Ph.D. in some form of criminology in the future (upon retirement) so that I can teach criminal justice at the college level.”