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April 29, 2013

Life: Through Words and Lens to take place Thursday


Providing Cowley College students an opportunity to show their work in a public forum, the Life: Through Words and Lens Student Works Reception will be held Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Earle N. Wright Community Room. The event is free and open to the public.



Photographic works, writing portfolios, graphic design projects, and communication video projects will be on display. The work will be put together by students in Cowley College’s digital photography class, creative writing class, poetry class, fiction writing class, introduction to screenwriting class, communication practicum/introduction to PR class, and graphic design.

Digital Photography students: Wendy Brigido, Kenneth Burrell, Brittany Collins, Ann Edwards, Ali Flickner, Alex Hatheway, Haleigh Howcroft, Alison Jamerson, Autumn Mumford, Ian Smith, and Julie White.

Communication Practicum/Introduction to PR students: Micah Fry, Ruy Vaz, Luke Austin, Tera Mills, Zach Legleiter, Brittany Collins, Karley McFadyen, Jessica Holdt, Dustin Mast, Ryan Jenkins, Shannon Mahon, Kaysi Wolf, Roy Tannehill, Minelli Valencia, and Gary Fizer.

Creative Writing Portfolios/Poetry Writing students: Neal Andrews, Emily Barnes, Rachel Bouchard, Kiley Broyles, Jasmine Dorsey, Tyler Grimes, Kaylene Humphreys, Charity Kester, Derick McGrath, Shannon Mahon, Anna Massie, Alejandro Mejia, Manuel Olivas, Nathan Rimel, Corey Rothwell, Samantha Sanborn, Zoyie Schneider, Ruy Vaz, Maggie Walker, Blaine Wilkey, and David Zavala.

Graphic Design I students: Dylan Berry, Alexandria Hatheway, Clarissa Owen, and Mollie Talbert.

Graphic Design II students: Ken Burrell, Micah Fry, Lara Schmidt, Kiefer Waltman, and Krystal Wardman.

Typography students: Katherine Altis, Michelle Andersen, Bethany Bell, Bobby Dean, Ann Edwards, Terry Hatfield, Shannon Mahon, Shane Stofferan, Will Weeks, Rayn Weldon, Brandon White, and Jason Williams.