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May 3, 2013

Act One Drama Club presents �A Night of Scenes�


With the actors and audience situated on Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre stage, “A Night of Scenes” was performed on Thursday. 

The unique theatrical experience was 100 percent student produced and directed.

“The night of Scenes went very well,” Cowley theatre director Scott MacLaughlin said. “I feel like the students did an excellent job and I am proud of the work they have accomplished.”

The first act featured the Acting Class and their final scenes. Each scene lasted about 15-20 minutes.

“We set up the audience on the stage and made a very nice, small, black box theatre,” MacLaughlin said.

MacLaughlin praised the work done by Jamison Rhoads, Tim Kennedy, and Vanessa Sherman for setting up the theatre in this format.

“It is a different and very fun theatre format for actors and the audience because the space is so intimate,” MacLaughlin said.

Student directors were: Alexie Pearce, Lauren Gardner, and Robin McGonigal.

Cast members were: Lauren Gardner, Charity Kester, Alex Morris, Amber Creed, Kristan Wiedeman, Donnie Dutton, Nathan Rimel, Michael Norem, Robin McGonigal, Josh Korte, Brenna Beeson, Gary Fizer III, Sidney Hogan, Addam Porter, Rose Hooley, Kaitlin McDonough, and Victoria Hutchison.