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May 7, 2013

Students shine at Honors Recital


Eight exemplary soloist musicians and two outstanding small groups were featured at Cowley College’s Music Department’s Honors Recital Monday in the Robert Brown Theatre.

The students were chosen from over 40 musicians that have been studying privately this past semester.

“The performers last night did an outstanding job,” vocal music instructor Lindsay Allen said. “The variety of performances was amazing and I couldn’t be prouder of them all.”

Soloists that performed were: Danielle Anderson, Brenna Beeson, Blake Gillihan, Rosana Macias, Rachel McAfee, Rebecca Muñoz, Marissa Spainhower, and Cyruss Tasker.

“I’m so glad they were able to experience singing and playing as a soloist in a bigger venue, as they don’t normally get this opportunity,” Allen said.

Kristan Wiedeman, Sidney Hogan, Rebekah Anliker, Marissa Spainhower, and Rachel McAfee made up one of the small groups featured at the recital. While, the other small group featured Anthony Caldera, Kyle White, Ben Stranghoner, and Kristan Wiedeman.

“This was truly a highlight of the year and I hope in following years, each applied lesson student will strive for the excellent musicianship that was displayed last night,” Allen said.