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May 9, 2013

TMU performs 10th anniversary concert


TMUCelebrating its 10th anniversary, the Temporal Mechanics Union performed a special concert Tuesday in the Robert Brown Theatre.

The concert featured several pieces that commemorated the 10th anniversary of the percussion ensemble. “Ten Foot Pole” featured all the Mechanics playing one shaker, a ten foot long tube. The members also composed a suite of short pieces collectively called “10s” that each featured the number 10 in some way: 10 beats, 10 instruments, or a rhythm of 10 notes. The concert also included “St Georg,” a Swiss-style rudimental drum corps piece, and concluded with two multimedia pieces by ensemble founder Chris Mayer, “The Myths of Bharam Chak.”

“The concert was a great success, the best (musically) we’ve had in some time,” Mayer said. “It was a fine tribute to all the work of every member of the ensemble over the last 10 years.

The concert, which was well attended, was also streamed on the internet.

The current line-up of TMU consists of Mike Fell, Lynne Hunter, Bryan McChesney, Chris Mayer and Josh Waldorf.

“When we return in the fall, we will gladly welcome new members,” Mayer said. “Everyone from the Cowley community is invited. There is no audition and no experience is required.”

TMU can be contacted through its website and facebook page over the summer.

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