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May 14, 2013

Cowley College Wellness Team wraps up transformational year


With 17 teams and 68 participants in the Biggest Loser competition, a total of 642.2 pounds were lost. The event was part of an initiative created by Cowley College’s Wellness Team.

Adam Borth, director of communications, was the overall winner as he lost 19.23 percent of his body weight during the competition. Borth teamed with Chris Cannon, Deryk Ruddle, and Malachi Winters to take home the top-team award as the four-man team lost 11.29 percent of their total body weight.


wellness celebrationThe idea for a Wellness Team took shape a year ago as members of Cowley College’s Insurance Committee sought ways to help employees become healthier and to keep the college’s insurance costs under control.

The year-long wellness initiative concluded with a 14-minute mile challenge . . .or Not Challenge held Monday at the Tiger Track and Field Complex. Several awards and wellness related items were presented during the event.

Interim president Tony Crouch was presented the Wellness Warrior Award for his outstanding support of Cowley College’s Wellness Initiatives.

“The enthusiasm this (Wellness) team has had all year has rubbed off on the rest of us,” Crouch said. “The Biggest Loser contest was a rousing success and the participation across the campuses signifies it was well received. The final event today was incredible. Seeing  over half of our folks enjoying the day and accepting the mile challenge shows me we are changing behaviors. I believe the intent of the Insurance Team has been met and exceeded. My congratulations to the team members and all college faculty and staff that have participated this year.”

Kelly Johnson, Cowley College director of institutional research, served as the Chairperson for the Wellness Team.

“I’ve really enjoyed chairing the team and working with all of the members throughout the year,” Johnson said. “I feel like we’ve been very successful given our limited ability to incent employees to participate. Personally, working on this project has been transformational for me. It’s helped me to improve my leadership skills and become healthier at the same time.”

Although Johnson will remain an active member, Jody Arnett will take on the role of chairperson during the 2013-14 academic year. Arnett was presented the Teamwork Award for going above and beyond all expectations in her work on Cowley College’s Wellness Initiatives.

Other awards presented were:

  • Fitness Fan Award (Unrivaled Support) – Janet Kennedy
  • Triumph Award (Biggest Loser) – Adam Borth
  • Triumph Award (Biggest Loser Team) – Adam Borth, Chris Cannon, Deryk Ruddle, Malachi Winters
  • Victory Award (Top-10 Biggest Losers) – Adam Borth, Stephani Johns-Hines, Chris Cannon, Charles McKown, Ricky Squires, Kelly Johnson, Bryan McChesney, Martin Shaffer, Linda Kreutzer, Patty Mugler

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