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June 10, 2013


Cowley, the site of The Difficult Airway course


Difficult AirwayBeing one of only two paramedic programs in the nation to offer The Difficult Airway course as part of its core curriculum, Cowley College is conducting the intensive two-day, national level course designed for paramedics, critical care transport nurses, physicians and other advanced providers, Thursday and Friday in Arkansas City.

More than 40 students are taking part in the course. Students are from Cowley College's paramedic program cohorts in Winfield and Andover, and are also from several different states and various service areas around the area.

The course is designed to help individuals learn the important airway algorithms and mnemonics. Individuals in the course are also using all of the proven airway devices in small group sessions, while practicing decision making and airway techniques in Code Airway Stations.

Participants are being presented with facing challenging patient scenarios such as elevated ICP, pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock, status asthmaticus, foreign body in the airway, direct airway trauma, and multiple trauma with shock.

"This is a great opportunity for students to come in and get comfortable with airway and airway procedures," Deryk Ruddle, Cowley College Lead MICT instructor said. "Airway is a hot topic as far as pre-hospital is concerned and a course like this will provide them with tips and techniques to use."

The didactic and hands-on training is covering RSI (Rapid Sequence Intubation), prediction of the difficult airway, difficult airway interventions using video laryngoscopes and other devices designed for EMS, and surgical airway techniques. The group is using advanced patient simulators to mimic airway problems.

The course was conducted by local instructors, consisting of eight Cowley College instructors as well as Clark Wilson with STORZ Medical, and Ken Schumacher with Bell Medical.

Cowley instructors were, Chris Cannon, Jason Bowker, Malachi Winters, Cindy Branscum, Paul Misasi, Terri Griffiths, Lyle Webster, Dr. Kent Potter, Dr. Robert Dillard, and Ruddle.

"It is exciting to have trained faculty that can conduct this course," Chris Cannon Allied Health Department Chair/Director of EMS Education said. "This is a great opportunity for local and regional EMS to get a high quality continuing education in Cowley County without having to break the bank."