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June 18, 2013


Avery, Bacastow, Jr. take part in final Board meetings


With more than 40 years of combined service to Cowley College’s Board of Trustees, Donna Avery and Albert Bacastow, Jr. took part in their final meeting of the Board of Trustees Monday in the McAtee Dining Center.

Board Chairman Ron Godsey thanked Avery and Bacastow, Jr. for their dedication and service to the Board and presented them with a gift from the college.

Avery served on the Board since July of 1998, while Bacastow served more than 25 years and was the Chairman of the Board when it hired longtime president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee, who retired Dec. 31, 2012.

With Avery and Bacastow, Jr. on the Board, the college added several new buildings to its main campus in Arkansas City and opened new Centers and buildings in Wichita and Mulvane.

"Serving on the Board has been a great experience," Bacastow, Jr. said. “I have had the pleasure of serving with many wonderful people. I have watched the college grow four or five fold all the while providing excellent education. It was a true joy to serve while Dr. McAtee was president. We had many great experiences together. I hope that I have in some way contributed to the college.”

Avery will miss serving on the Board but takes great pride in being a part of the team that supported Dr. McAtee as well as hiring his successor, Mr. Clark N. Williams.
She is also proud of the recognition the college has received at both the state and national levels as an AQIP college.

“Student success is the core of all that Cowley College does, and I take pride in the many opportunities given me to watch that process mature,” Avery said. “I feel confident that Cowley College will not miss a step in its race into the future.”

In other matters:
1. Discussed the KACCT/COP Retreat, which was held June 7-8 at Dodge City Community College. Board member Jim Ramirez provided a brief report on the retreat. The college will host the KACCT/COP Fall meeting, Sept 13-14 on its main campus in Arkansas City.

2. Approved Jim Ramirez, Ron Godsey and incoming president Mr. Clark Williams’ participation at the 44th annual Community College Leadership Congress Oct. 2-5 in Seattle, WA. Mr. Williams and Ron Godsey have been invited by Dr. Narcisa Polonio to present “The Board’s Guide to Presidential Contracts” at the ACCT Pre-Congress Academy.

3. The next regular meeting for the Board of Trustees will be the organizational meeting for 2013-2014. Ron Godsey and Dennis K. Shurtz will serve as the nominating committee to present a report and recommendation at the regular July Board meeting.

4. Reviewed a first reading of policy 145.00 Pets/Animals and College Facility.

5. Heard a construction update from Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services/interim president. Thanks to unbudgeted funds from High School Technical Student reimbursement, work is either underway or soon will be on several college facilities. Winfield Plumbing and Heating has begun the replacement of the HVAC systems in the William R. Docking Dormitory, while the company will replace the HVAC unit in the Galle-Johnson Band Room later this summer. Stanfield Roofing is set to begin work on the Walker Technology Building on July 8 with a target completion of July 31; Lewis Street Glass Company has ordered material and will begin work soon; Gator Demolition continues with demolition work at the property near the Travis Hafner Training Center and are working below grade now and beginning to haul in fill dirt.

6. Approved the Flexible Benefits Plan for 2013-2014.

7. Reviewed a first reading of policy 254.00 Adding/Dropping a Class. This change will not allow students to add an online class once it has started.

8. Appointed Humanities Department instructor Dejon Ewing as Theatre Director for the 2013-14 academic year. Ewing previously directed 26 theatre performances at Cowley College and served as Theatre Director until 2001. She served as a mentor to former theatre director, Scott MacLaughlin.

9. Approved the decision to have BCIT instructor Rae Dale take over as the Department Chair for the Business. Computer and Information Technology Department, effective July 1, 2013. 

10. Accepted a letter of resignation from Greg Nichols as Associate Dean of Instruction, effective June 30; accepted a letter of retirement from Bev Manuszak as counselor of Student Support Services, effective Sept. 1. However, Manuszak will continue on at Cowley on a part-time basis.

11. Approved the employment of Janet Davidson as director of early childhood education, effective Aug. 1; approved the hiring of Travis Jorns as third shift custodian at the Mulvane Center.

12. Held a 20-minute executive session for preliminary discussions relating to professional negotiations, property acquisition and consultation with the governing body’s attorney.