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September 12, 2012


CC Singers/Concert Choir selections announced

CC Singers


Auditions were recently held for the Cowley College Concert Choir and CC Singers. After listening to numerous talented singers, a total of 57 individuals were picked for the Cowley College Concert Choir and 16 of those were also selected to join the Cowley College (CC) Singers.

The Concert Choir will perform its first concert on Tuesday, October 23 at 7 p.m. in the Robert Brown Theatre. The Cowley College Concert Band will also perform at this concert.

Thirty seven of the 57 students selected to become members of the Cowley College Concert Choir auditioned for the 16 available positions with the Cowley College Singers.

The CC Singers first concert will take place Thursday, November 8 at 7 p.m. in the Robert Brown Theatre.
The Cowley College Jazz Band will also perform as part of the concert.

Concert Choir
Members of the Concert Choir are, Libby Hooley, Charity Kester, Kaitlin McDonough, Hayley Rogers, Caitlyn Ulbrich, America Zambudio, Tara Hageman, Cathleen Call, Abby Crow, Jesseca Green, Megan Hamlett, Rose Hooley, Jolie Butler, Torie Calfy, Ashley Foster, Jaci Hall, Sidney Hogan, Rachel McAfee, Elizabeth Lewis, Autumn Mumford, Brandi Regier, Brenna Beeson, Nicole Cox, Rebekah Anliker, Nicole Banks, Vanessa Payne, Kalie Schrode, Marissa Spainhower, Kristen Wiedeman, Devin Dice, Bridget Fox, Reayonna Johnson, Rebecca Munoz, Alexie Pearce, Kristy Skinner, Lauren Sullivan, Dylan Berry, Jordan Butler, Joseph Descartes, Ben Stranghoner, Cyruss Tasker, Kyle White, Seth Butler, Jaime Anguiano, Gary Fizer, Jace Franklin, Roy Tannehill, Jason Williams, Trenton Biddle, Jared Valdez, Joshua Waldorf, Christian Weston, Alex Myers, Anthony Caldera, Michael Norem, Josh Johnson, Michael Harding.

CC Singers
Members of the CC Singers are, Marissa Spainhower, Kristen Wiedeman, Rebekah Anliker, Anthony Caldera, Devin Dice, Rachel McAfee, Kyle White, Megan Hamlett, Libby Hooley, Joseph Descartes, Alex Myers, Jason Williams, Sydney Hogan, Ben Stranghoner, Dylan Berry, and Jordan Butler.