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September 18, 2012

Cowley students garner greater appreciation of the Constitution


foodAs part of the Free Food Festival held in Cowley College’s Earle N. Wright Community Room on Monday, nearly 90 students took part in the event.

Upon entering the Wright Room each student was served pizza and promptly signed off on the form surrendering their First Amendment rights and picking up a passport to enter the Kingdom of the Socialist States of the People’s Republic of Cowley (KSSPRC).

Once seated each individual was asked to obey the laws of the land. The laws did not allow for any of the freedoms granted citizens of the USA by the First Amendment to the Constitution: no freedom of expression, speech, the press or religion and no freedom of assembly (in peace or otherwise). Once abused by the ‘goons’ some students felt the urge to complain, but the First Amendment also covers the right to redress grievances to the government and each student had signed that right away when they received their passport.

Students in Cowley College’s Criminal Justice and Cosmetology programs were among those taking part in the event. Meg Smith, director of journalism, helped organize the Free Food Festival for the second straight year.

“We gave away 20 pizzas, but the greatest reward was chatting with students who were leaving the experience with a greater appreciation of the rights we are granted by the Constitution,” Smith said.

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