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October 19, 2012


Cowley Concert Band and Concert Choir to perform Oct. 23


Fall ConcertComing together to conduct a fall concert, the Cowley College Concert Band and Concert Choir will perform at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 23 inside the Robert Brown Theatre. There is no cost to attend the concert.

The Concert Band will open the evening by performing pieces by composer Jacob De Haan. The Concert Band will perform Festa Paesana, Variazioni in Blue, and The Blues Factory.

They will also perform arrangement of works by Baroque composers which consist of Let me Weep (G.F. Handel), Adagio (Tomaso Albinoni), and Bist Du Beir Mir (J.S. Bach).

The Concert Band will perform under the direction of Josh Fleig.

The Cowley Concert Choir will then perform An American Tapestry of Song, with songs consisting of
Down In The Valley To Pray, An American Folksong Spectacular!, three pieces from American Folk Song Settings, Some Folks, Go to Sleepy Little Baby, Bright Morning Stars, Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend), Home on the Range, and An American Hymn.

The Concert Choir will perform under the direction of Connie Donatelli. Dalene McDonald will serve as an accompanist. Rose Hooley will serve as soloist on Down in the Valley to Pray, while Nickolas Stoppel and Sheree’ Stoppel will be guest artists on An American Folksong Spectacular.

Libby Hooley, Rachel McAfee, and Kristan Wiedeman will be featured on Go to Sleepy Little Baby and Bright Morning Stars. The men of the Concert Choir will be featured in Riders in the Sky, and Donatelli’s brother, Charles Laughridge, will play the harmonica during Home on the Range.

Members of the Concert Band are: Rosana Macias, Alexie Pearce, David Bartlett, Kaile Shrode, Lara Schmidt, Rachel Bouchard, Mikayla Gerber, Tatiana Thompson, Karly Marshall, Amanda Fiedler, Alyssa Nulik, Jace Franklin, Alison Flickner, Sarah Christianson, Kaysi Wolf, Kirsty Skinner, Alyssa Eli, Chris Cardone, Deseree Harrison, Kenneth Stark, Jake Loftus, William Bucher, Mollie Talbert, Blake Gillihan, Alex Smitley, Avery Corriea, Ella Riddle, Jaci Hall, Kiley Broyles, Sarah Enderud, Cathy Call, Caitlyn Martin, Warren Taylor, Tyler Gerber, Tyler Beach, Amy Gragert, Justin Davis, Matt Allen, Josh Waldorf, Nathan Metzinger, Chris Bohnert, Cameron Crabtree, John Donaldson, Dustin Mast, Heaven Scott, and KC Udarbe.

Members of the Concert Choir are: Jaime Anguiano, Rebekah Anliker, Nicole Banks, Brenna Beeson, Dylan Berry, Trenton Biddle, Jolie Butler, Jordan Butler, Seth Butler, Anthony Caldera, Torie Calfy, Cathleen Call, Abby Crow, Joseph Decartes, Devin Dice, Gary Fizer, Ashley Foster, Bridget Fox, Jace Franklin, Jesseca Green, Tara Hageman, Jaci Hall, Megan Hamlett, Michael Harding, Sidney Hogan, Libby Hooley, Rose Hooley, Josh Johnson, Reyanna Johnson, Charity Kester, Elizabeth Lewis, Rachel McAfee, Kaitlyn McDonough, Autumn Mumford, Rebecca Munoz, Alex Myers, Michael Norem, Vanessa Payne, Alexie Pearce, Brandi Regier, Hayley Rogers, Kalie Shrode, Kirsty Skinner, Marissa Spainhower, Ben Stranghoner, Lauren Sullivan, Roy Tannehill, Cyruss Tasker, Caitlyn Ulbrich, Jared Valdez, Josh Waldorf, Christian Weston, Kyle White, Kristan Wiedeman, Jason Williams, and America Zambudio.