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November 6, 2012

Machine Tool Technology student makes CTE Department proud


Sergeant Jon HavnerSergeant Jon Havner is attending Machine Tool Technology (MTT) class at Cowley College full time, while working 40 hours per week at Meadwest Vaco Calmar. Havner has been in the Army National Guard for 16 years, with four years left before retirement. Through the years, Sergeant Havner has earned numerous “Excellence Coins”, which he is extremely proud of. While in Machine Tool Technology classes, Havner is required to fabricate a project. What could be a more perfect project, than a holder to display his Excellence Coins.

Sergeant Havner created his project on a CNC Mill, using four different sized “end mill” bits to mill out the metal, fabricating a perfect shape and depth for each individual coin. The final touch was putting his name on the project using a “center drill” bit.

Sergeant Havner shared an interesting story about the coins. You must carry a coin with you at all times. If you ever come across a fellow Guardsman and the conversation of the coins becomes the topic, the other soldier may ask to see your coin, and you must be able to show him, and vice versa. If you cannot show him your coin, you are the one that buys a round of drinks. If both soldiers show coins, the holder of the higher valued coin wins, and the other soldier buys the drinks.

Cowley College’s Career and Technical Education Department would like to congratulate Sergeant Havner on a job well done on the MTT class project and on serving our country for the past 16 years.